Monday, August 22, 2011

Broken Heart

There is so much I could share about this was unreal.
I was blessed by the beauty of God's creation as our family made a 10km bike
  ride around a lake, and how wonderful it is that God has set us in families.
So many encouraging moments with God were brought through other people's lives.
I was encouraged by a young man, who has chosen to go against the grain;
 He is not willing to compromise....and will speak out, and challenge what you think.
 He is taking the bible seriously and literally as he seeks to honor God with his life.
I was encouraged by a family who honors God with their possessions and shares what 
 God has blessed them with, to invest in the lives of other families and teens as well.
I was blessed by my pastor's teaching on prayer and a heart of worship.
I was blessed by the message of forgiveness displayed in the life of a young woman 
  held captive in Somalia for 15 and a half months.
My heart is broken for the things that breaks God's heart....and I am encouraged to see 
  it throughout my church.  In the lives of fathers, mothers, grandparents and teens.
If you want to see how God touched me in one way this weekend please watch the service 
  from yesterday will be worth your time!

Thank you Daddy for all the people you have placed in my life....for the God appointments!
I pray that You would continue to break our hearts for the things that break yours.
That we may live lives that glorify and honor you.....move us into action;
  to be Your hands and feet to a broken world, in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

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  1. Hi Jen, I, too agree that Pastor Dan's series on Prayer has been great. I like how he is honest and at times the first thing he says is "sorry". We all seem to say that a lot, to our spouse, children, friends, even to ourselves. It's nice to know that we can say sorry to our Father and know that we are forgiven much quicker that we can forgive each other or ourselves